Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Temple trekking in Bangkok

This month of July has been delightful month of travel. Flew over to Bangkok for four days before flying straight to Singapore for July shoot for HBO. I had not visited Bangkok for several years. Though i have experienced a majority of Thailand's beautiful islands & must see Chang Mai thanks to modeling work over the years.

I really don't like being a tourist but when in towns you are unfamiliar with, you do get enticed into
'tourist traps'. Especially if your traveling alone. So do ask as much info as you can, especially from friends who have lived there before attempting your solo treks. Also be mindful of your attire when visiting sacred places, a sarong is helpful to cover cleavage or legs.

Ever since i saw Angkor Wat in Cambodia few years back, i make it a point now to see as much culture as i can, before modern mankind completely ravages them. For years I have always wanted to visited the 'Reclining Golden Buddha of Wat Po'. Grabbed a taxi and honked our way through Bangkok's insane traffic..almost a 100Baht later, im there! Excitement rushes me as i look upon magnificence, such beautiful detail in all the wall murals, & wonderment at how the heck did this all get here.

Walking around this extremely long and relaxed Buddha, i watch all the other tourists and locals pay respects and appreciate what i am viewing.  Im so happy to spend a sunny filled two hours walking to every temple & trying my hand at taking self portraits..its kinda hard:p

The next day was Wat Phra Kaeo..The Grand Palace. This time i hired a guide for 400baht to tour and explain some history. I have to admit, with the tour guides broken English & my lack of attention i didn't really get a full history lesson. But he did help with taking photos!

I loved all the carved mirrored accents and all the gaudy gold on each temple. Yet again i enjoyed  just being there and admiring history and culture. I wish i had more time to visit other temples..alas i had some ..SHOPPING to do!:)


  1. I miss the Bangkok Wats! And the ones of Angkor too!

  2. haven't been to thailand but i'd love to go!