Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Siam i am

Siam center is THE place for all things shopping in central Bangkok. Its also very convenient if your hotel is located along the BTS Sky train transit. As simple as spending 20Baht, hop on the train and explore the Ratchaprasong shopping mecca.

Though due to unfortunate political turmoil last June, a few fab shopping malls are under repair, so i was not able to wander around Central world or Zen shopping malls. As you can see in my picture its still going to be awhile.
Naturally the high end malls are absolute perfection, like the Siam Paragon & Gaysorn. Anything high end is there, seriously i walked around awestruck. And when everything is in Baht..fools me into believing its so affordable. So tread carefully label lovers. Though when i travel i always hope to stumble upon a unique piece, that doesnt cost me an arm! I favoured Erawann Mall, located also along Sky walk. Siam has scattered shrines to visit, like this one outside of Erwann
In this mall they have a wonderful section on the 3rd floor with all types of Thai goodies to buy and bargain for, not chaotic like some of the night markets. That's unless your into that sort of thing. I found a little store selling all kinds of beautiful beads. Im a tart when it comes to turquoise jewellery, but had been wanting a lapiz lazuli necklace for a long time now. My turquoise necklace cost me 800baht & my lapiz choker 700baht. I lost my mind when i saw this amazing necklace with coral,turquoise & lapiz all entwined beautifully, it was just screaming at me to buy her..that one cost me 4000baht. I asked Shadow( my cat) to model it,hehe. You have to admit..super fabulous purchase!

I walked all the way to check out MBK mall. This place is most definitely chaos on a stick. Reminded me so much of Philippine mall Greenhills but with  7 floors! Alas nothing to my liking, its all things Ive seen before on my travels. Until on my way out..Eureka! A most wonderful store! A must see and must buy! 'Lofty Bamboo'!!
All items are under the free trade law, i felt even more elated knowing that im truly buying items handmade in various parts of Thailand. I came home with a beautiful blue cotton dress for 1200baht. Such a happy gal i was..and that was all i needed from my walkabout in central Bangkok...just needed to stuff my face with as much Thai food as possible!

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