Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Pinay comes with a Powerful Punch..Nicole Scherzinger

Ive adored this woman ever since i caught her strutting around in her low waisted track pants in the 2005 music video for  PCD's 'Dont cha'.

I was concerned about her career going solo so soon, but i guess when your in the peak of girl group extravaganza you must branch out. Her talent is obvious as her body is inspirational, but so are many other female artists. What made me so attractive toward Nic was her ethnic mix of Russian ,Hawaiian and Pinay! When i look at her, i see a eclectic mix of the world singing with that one brilliant voice.

Like every young girl, you have someone to relate to when growing up. Im no little girl now, but i still appreciate and like to support those who are of mixed races . All just trying to make their stamp in this world. Growing up in Australia, being a tad different made people act weird, i learned early on in life that communities tend to box you into categories..what if you didn't fit in? That was my story at a young age. My step father moved work which meant us moving further in country. I started mid highschool awkwardly in a Aussie school of 220 students,  predominately Australian/German kids and five Aboriginal kids. Quite a shock coming from a city school that had a variety of kids from different cultures. It confused me to be taunted often for being the 'Asian', each day id hear mean comments like ' Joeys mum is a mail order bride' or 'Joey ching chong,likes to eat dim sum' but the classic one was one boy running in my class yelling out loud that he wouldn't f*ck a nip ( a cruel slang term for Japanese). Interesting how they thought the Philippines was automatically in China?

This is a piccie of me at 8 years old..hehe

Gotta love my feather comb, i did then :p
Totally sucked during that time, but as i grew up i understood why. It was fear and plain ignorance ,i didnt not look like anyone else. Was not Caucasian, nor black or did i look very Asian , I kept being ousted for being the 'Asian'. I laugh at it now especially when i think those kids have never left that town and i did. Because of that experience, i embrace my mixed-ness.

Lets get back to the knockout Nicole! I was totally blown away by her recent, memorable for life performance at the Hollywood Bowl. Portraying bisexual character of Maureen from the musical Rent. Directed by Mr Awesomeness, Neil Patrick Harris. If only i was in LA! Alas..thank goodness for YouTube.
Nicole does what i can only pretend to do in front of the mirror ( or in front of my boyfriend if mood permits) she seized this part, cheekily conquered it, with much applauded approval all around! I was laughing so much and clapped in front of the computer. Miss Scherzinger effortlessly proved that not only is she a star but can light up the world like a solar tsunami ! Here is where i read it, and watched the video of Nicole singing 'Over the moon'.


The wanna be performer in me is proud the world has talent like hers to wow us! Makes mixed muts like me feel proud to be representing all parts of the earth.

Mabuhay to you Nicole and thank you!:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Urban chic gets TOUGH

Five different people representing different lifestyles & energies are all selected to join Tough Jeansmith family.

Proving no matter what you do for a living, what age you are, what you did last summer or what you eat for breakfast..anyone can get it right with Tough. 

Its rugged wear made for long term use, not the kinda clothing that frays & changes color after 3 washes. Tough can be Rock & Roll if you want it..or you can style yourself to be the sweety pie that lives next door.

For me, Tough is versatile, fits my travel life & i can play with the rock-street chick look. So here are the photos shot by Xander Angeles featuring Tough Urban Vandals !

The bright light Ms Patty Betita

The man who makes the world dance Manolet Dario
Transport never looked so cool,Car body kit maverick Atoy Llave
Triple threat coming your way Hollywood, Actor & model Luke Jickain

Then there is me..:P Those pink boots..they're mine..too cute!

Till the next post, keep up positive energy my most powerful Pinays! 

TOUGH launch Philippines

Last July Tough Jeansmith launched their recent selection of urban fab threads to the denim loving society of the Philippines.

Manolet Dario, Atoy Llave,Luke Jickain,Patty Betita & yours truly are this seasons Toughs Ambassadors. The photo displays in the stores, where magically shot by Xander Angeles and the mini avp of the'behind the scenes' of the Tough photo shoot where presented during launch. ( I cheekily admit to liking the part where Luke Jickain is jumping in a scene like superman about to take off into the sky..hehe very cute) My next post i will add the photos from the shoot!:) Meanwhile here are some of my pics before show start.

Car architect Atoy Llave being interviewed.

Its cool being asked to be an Ambassador for this urban brand, Ive always liked their bags & plan to pick one up next visit , i do dig their jackets and jeans as well. Alas i can only wear some of my jackets when i travel to cooler climates or when i watch movies. Especially in Singapore, like a freezer!

But here are some pics of the Launch event held at the Atrium in Shangrila mall Edsa, where the one of the Tough stores is located.

Patty being interviewed by Flippish.com

Mano just chill in his Tough threds

Hehe..i took this pic of the flippish.com crew whilst doing my interview:)

Kirja Parcell & Mark Whittington

Teasing Rovilson on camera

Ian & I :)

Bianca Valerio hosted the show( i totally loved her knee high black boots), introduced Toughs top gal JoyAustria to introduce the fashion show.

My fave portion was when All-stars crashed the stage with their beat popping dance movements, i love them!

The best part for me in the show was to be able to spray paint the whole wall! Everyone had permission to vandalise! Though audience members near stage did get high on some fumes..but the thrill of spraying was mere harmless fun.

Miss sexiness Justine spraying it up during end of show,

Ended up taking the spray can home...look out if you catch any hot pink graffiti @Powertothepinay along Edsa...hehehe...kidding:P

Tough stores can be found in Shangrila mall Edsa and Trinoma mall