Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marc Jacobs Lola ring is love!

I appreciate so many things when i travel, be it an event with out of this world stage design or just something so adorable found in a store or flea market. I do love luxury brands like most fashionistas, but i do not have the bucks to lay out just like that. So when i find beautiful pieces that are also affordable, i just love the feeling. Especially if its a piece that is unique.

My last flight coming from Singapore , i checked out the duty free goodies. I rarely buy from duty free, but lately there has been many a find!

I know you would so agree. Like this absolutely gorgeous ring! Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring! I adore products that have more than one usage.And i have been rocking this ring ever since i bought her, cant wear it to bed though..may accidentally hit myself whilst tossing around in bed..or even whack my boyfriend! Yikes! Just $60SGD..a most fab price and find & still available..me thinks?

I appreciate the tiny purple( i adore purple!) leather pouch too! I wore it during Previews tribute to McQueen BD ball last week..swiped a pic from my most fabulous friend Alcs Porras. Here is Pleshy, Alcs & I flashing our rings..or in Pleshy's case..flashing those extreme lashes.

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  1. Fab blog Jojo !! My ring is also from Sing ... A gift from Pleshy who flew there a week or 2 weeks before you did . She was there for the recent flood !!