Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Eyebrow artist

Finding a makeup artist is almost like finding the perfect dress in five different shades & shapes. I like working with  artists that are playful with their colors & open to trying out different styles & are down with the odd suggestion.

I have quite a few on my roster that I'm delighted to be in the chair of. Of course i have staples of Jing,Juan,Leo,Lala,Jigs & Patrick that i know can turn on the magic with a whisk of their feather weight brush wands.

Alas i see them when its work oriented. Thank goodness The Jing Monis Salon has the talented Junie Sierra. I met Junie just over a year ago for a mini jewelry shoot and was most impressed by his 'eyebrow' skill. It was always the private test i had in my mind when seated in front of a makeup artist i had not worked with yet. If my eyebrows where perfectly brushed,penciled,arched, or even colored i would be confident that shoot would be set off on the right beat. 

I called Jing to request for Junie's help to prep me for the Tough launch that evening. Here are my pics of arriving without a stitch of make up & sweetheart Malou, patiently blow dried and curled my hair whilst Junie set up ready to create the Tough gal look i wanted to achieve. My green shawl/jacket is also from Tough & so far my favorite travel partner.
I also love it how some artists can naturally apply makeup, without you being beat about like pancake mix. I almost forget to snap some shots because I'm so relaxed. Like a fluttery face  massage. Junie is precise & a perfectionist when it comes to the eyebrows, shaping checking & even asking if my event was a stage event. Its a different makeup  set up style for runway or TV.
I'm very happy with my overall look for Tough event & really feel like a Rockista in my Tough leather jacket, jeans & tank. Boots are my own darlings..syempre! What do you think?:)

Next blog post ill be posting pics with all the fabulous Tough Ambassadors that rocked the event with me.

You can find the extraordinary Junie Sierra at The Jing Monis Salon located in Greenbelt 1.


  1. I know how good you are my brother JUNIE. and i know how far you can be..... Keep up the good work and i love you! God Bless

  2. I know how good you are my brother JUNIE... Keep up the good work and I know how far you can be and I love you... =).... God Bless you!!!