Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Davines Hair Show representing The Jing Monis Salon


Jing Monis is THE hair artist to all, no bullsh*t this hair expert doesnt have a salon in his name for nothing,he can create the most wretched looking mop into a state of the art hair sculpture. But to me he is my fab Dad , when he asked me to represent the salon for a recent Davines hair show, i couldnt refuse...really i couldnt, he will kick my ass if i did. Hehe..for all the models who have been hair talents know its the most grueling of all jobs.

Hence why i avoided them, alas its Jing and i trust him.

Two days and many a dye, blow, crimp, cut and lots of juzzing of hair...Kablam! A explosion of art on my head..with top hat ! ( made of hair. whos i dont know and dont wish to know ). Fabio Ide was Jings male mowdel rep, Brapanese babe who is currently loving showbiz life and Philippine living. A venue in Makati was brimming with hair experts from various salons, all in awe of each hair creation that strutted down the runway.
I shared a seat backstage with mowdel maven, Ria Bolivar before show start..needing to rest our long necks from all the weight of hairspray on top our heads!

Marlon Rivera tailored Fabios & my outfit for that night.
Junie Sierra was masterful with my makeup and i had not one but two layers of eyelash extensions. Robby Carmona was director and pics grabbed from Heinz rito

The Jing Monis salon is one of the countries top ten salons and  you must try their "Overdose hair treat ". You can find Jings at second floor Greenbelt one..they have delish coffee and free wifi too!


  1. Omg, I think I want to try his services, one time. I love your blog. I'm going to follow it :)

  2. Thank you Babe! Im glad you enjoy it:) More to come!