Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Urban chic gets TOUGH

Five different people representing different lifestyles & energies are all selected to join Tough Jeansmith family.

Proving no matter what you do for a living, what age you are, what you did last summer or what you eat for breakfast..anyone can get it right with Tough. 

Its rugged wear made for long term use, not the kinda clothing that frays & changes color after 3 washes. Tough can be Rock & Roll if you want it..or you can style yourself to be the sweety pie that lives next door.

For me, Tough is versatile, fits my travel life & i can play with the rock-street chick look. So here are the photos shot by Xander Angeles featuring Tough Urban Vandals !

The bright light Ms Patty Betita

The man who makes the world dance Manolet Dario
Transport never looked so cool,Car body kit maverick Atoy Llave
Triple threat coming your way Hollywood, Actor & model Luke Jickain

Then there is me..:P Those pink boots..they're mine..too cute!

Till the next post, keep up positive energy my most powerful Pinays! 


  1. also, gorgeous - anything you are up to of note, can you give me a quick email and a short description so i can update all sites? thank you ma'am!

  2. you should change power to the pinay to power to the pinoys. hhhhmmmmm thinking about it, pinoys in general. i still owe you my i will, i shall ,i can mantra. you can try my old mantra - papa meme uo

    -- luke j.

  3. I just wanted to say... I have the same pink boots and I love them to bits!